As the Trust is comprised of both mainstream and specialist provision, admission arrangements do vary and are in line with Local Authority admissions for their locality.

  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the 'Trust Entities' tab above.


The Sea View Trust prioritises the responsibilty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our pupils, students, staff and stakeholders.  In accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006, and DfE guidance, the Trust provides advice to Academies to support them in developing their own behaviour policies, including their anti-bullying strategy. Staff should be confident that they will always have the Trustee's support when following this guidance.  Trust principles include:

  1. High standards of behaviour - The Trust believes that high standards of behaviour enable pupils and students to make the best progress in all aspects of their school life.  Staff should be able to teach, role model and promote good learning behaviour.  Behaviour should not jeopardise the health and safety of any member of the school community.
  2. The right to feel safe - All students staff and visitors have the right to feel safe at all times in our Trust organisations and be free from the affects of unacceptable behaviour.  There should be a culture of mutual respect between all members of the Trust and wider community.
  3. Inclusivity - The Sea View Trust is an inclusive Trust.  All members of our community should be able to work free from any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying. Each Academy must have a clear and comprehensive anti-bullying statement which includes the 9 protected characteristics.
  4. Home/ Academy Agreements - Parents/ Carers should be encouraged and helped to support their children's education.  Older students should be helped to understand their responsibilites.  Home/ Academy Agreements assist everyone in understanding their personal responsibilities.
  5. Rules - The Academy rules should be clearly stated in the behaviour policies. Rules should be shared with, and explained to, all pupils.  The Trust Board expects the rules to be consistently applied by all staff.
  6. Rewards - Academies encourage positive behaviour through high expectation, modelling, a focus on learning, praise and rewards.  Any reward should be consistently and fairly applied to support good behaviour/ conduct.  Rewards should be clear in the Academy behaviour policies.
  7. Unacceptable behaviour - Sanctions and / or consequences for unacceptable behaviour should be understood by everyone and consistently applied.  The range of sanctions should be described in the behaviour policies so that pupils, staff and parents understand them.  Wherever possible, learners will have time to reflect on, learn from, and make repairation for their unacceptable behaviour.  A focus on positive behaviour, forgiveness and reconcilliation reduces the need for exclusion.  However, Leaders must balance individual need with safeguarding the wider school community.
  8. Use of reasonable force - Given that our primary aim is to keep pupils and staff safe, senior leaders will use their powers to search, or use reasonable force, in order to keep individuals from self-harm, harming others and/ or seriously damaging Academy property.  Each Academy should define 'reasonable force' and how this will be applied in their unique context.  All Trust schools have staff trained in the accredited programme Teach Teach. 
  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.


Since September 2018, Trust Academies have been required to publish information on their careers programme.  This information relates to the delivery of careers guidance from Year 8 to Year 13.  Our Academies with Secondary provision will have this information on their websites.

  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the Trust 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.


All Sea View Trust Academies publish their charging and remissions policies on their websites.


We hope that all stakeholders in The Sea View Trust will have a positive experience.  However we recognise that, at times, people may wish to express a concern about the service provided by an Academy, or indeed by the wider Trust. In the first instance, an incident involving a specific Academy should be addressed by following the appropriate local policy for that setting.  The relevant policies can be located on the specific Academy website, or by contacting the School Business Manager.

The Trustees do envisage that it will be possible to resolve almost all concerns at a local level.  However, in the unfortunate event that this is not possible, the CEO and Trustees will be able to support with the next steps.  In such instances, guidance about the appropriate use of the Trust Complaints Policy, Grievance Policy or the Trust Whistleblowing Policy, can be found at the start of each document and links to each of these are below:

In relation to Whistleblowing, the nominated point of contact in an Academy is:

  • The Chairs of Governors 

In relation to Whistleblowing in the Trust, the nominated point of contact is:

  • The Chair of Trustees


The Sea View Trust is committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum across all schools similar in ambition to the National Curriculum.  As a Trust, we firmly believe that education should be holistic and meet the development and additional needs of the learner.

  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.


All Trust Academies comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)


Each of the Trust Academies provides statutory information on their exam and assessment results.

  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.

Trust level performance can be viewed by following this link to the Academy performance tables.


The Trust has not yet had a Trust level inspection.  All of the Academies within The Sea View Trust have been inspected.

  • Please refer to the individual Academy websites for their bespoke information by following the links on the 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.


Key policy documents and information can be viewed and downloaded by following the relevant links on this page. However, visitors to this page are advised that following the merger of The View Trust with Blackpool Multi Academy Trust (to form The Sea View Trust), all statutory policies are currently under review.  If you require further details regarding a specific Trust level policy, please contact the Trust Business Team who will be happy to provide you with the most recent information.


The Sea View Trust is an inclusive Trust.  It is our ambition to challenge perceptions of what children and young people with SEND can achieve.  Our Trust policy for SEND can be access through this link:


The Trust recognises that some funding is provided for specific and targeted purpose.

  1. Pupil Premium - All Academies across the Trust receive Pupil Premium funding to support the attainment of their disadvantaged learners.
  2. Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium - This funding applies to Trust Secondary Academies and is available for pupils who require extra support to close the performance gap between themselves and their peers.
  3. PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools - The PE and Sport Premium provides Primary Academies with additional funding to make additional and sustainable improvement to the quality of the PE, physical activity and sport offered through their core budgets.  All Academies in the Trust with Primary provision are in receipt of these monies. 

Please refer to the individual Academy websites for information on how the relevant grants have been used in the last year, together with details of spending plans for the current academic year, by clicking on the relevant Trust 'Family of Schools and Colleges' tab above.


We are currently working with Union Representatives to develop a mutually beneficial, supportive and agreeable Recognition Agreement.  Individual Academies are responsible for arranging and approving the amount of time (Union Facilities Time) taken by staff who are Officials, although the annual statutory return submitted on behalf of the Trust can be found by following the link below:



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