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The Sea View Trust was established in November 2019 following the merger of 2 existing Trusts:

  • Blackpool Multi Academy Trust - Originally established in 2013 with the key purpose of providing a local solution for supporting and sponsoring schools at risk
  • The View Trust - Originally established in January 2017 following a keen desire to explore, with the support of the Local Authority, new and innovative ways to improve the outcomes for its learners

Initially, the separate Boards of Trustees for each of the entities focused on embedding their Trusts, thereby ensuring successful outcomes and financial viability.  Significant work took place to ensure that the generic systems and processes had firm foundations on which to grow.  With these assured, the focus for both Trusts (independently of each other) was then to establish viable growth plans.

In the summer of 2019, an opportunity was presented for Blackpool Multi Academy Trust and The View Trust to merge.  The proposal was fully supported by the Regional School's Commissioner and, following the appointment of Angela Holdsworth as the CEO for both Trusts, the businesses merged and The Sea View Trust was formed.

The Trust is proud to currently encompass 6 entities in total - 1 Specialist College for post 19 learners, 2 'Outstanding' Special Schools, 2 'Good' mainstream Primary Schools and 1 'RI' Primary School.  The latter has a new and strong leadership team in place, supported by Trustees and peers across the Trust, and is making significant progress in improving pupil outcomes, although these are not currently reflected in the published data. 

Previously, the Board of Trustees had considered that development priorities and capacity of senior leaders within the Trust outweighed the requirement for growth.  However, following merger, the Trust is much better placed to explore growth and it certainly welcomes the partnership opportunities that such expansion brings.

In light of the above, below is the link to our strategic priorities and provisional plan for growth:

Trust Strategic Plan 2021-2026