SEND Reviewer Training

The benefits of self-evaluation, peer review and reflective practice are widely known and well understood. However, the successful implementation of these approaches can be challenging to achieve in practice. For this reason, Whole School SEND hosts a suite of freely-available SEND review guides that act as a scaffold to support the effective reviewing of SEND at a range of levels from strategic leadership through to individual practitioners.

Any school is able to commission or undertake a SEND review in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. This includes mainstream schools, alternative provisions and specialist settings. A SEND review should help to ensure that all children, in all educational settings, achieve their very best, including the knowledge, skills and qualifications that they need for successful transition, further education and employment. The review process normally takes two to three days. This includes the preparatory work before going into the school, the time needed to collect evidence during the school visit, and the report writing and feedback that takes place after the review. Many schools will establish an ongoing relationship with their reviewer who can provide follow-up support and advice. The timescale for a review would normally be two to three weeks from preparation to reporting. Follow-up visits may vary from intensive weekly visits to visits spread across the academic year. A SEND review should be led by an experienced, independent system leader who has a track record of improving outcomes for pupils with SEND.

SEND review guide | Whole School SEND

We offer SEND reviewer training on an annual basis.  This service can also be commissioned by Trusts and Local Authorities. 

SEND reviewer training provides comprehensive support in how to plan, conduct and provide feedback from a SEND review.  Participants must be knowledgeable and proficient in understanding SEND prior to undergoing this training.  If you are looking for an expert review, please refer to SEND Reviews | Embrace Teaching School Hub (

Our next open SEND reviewer training is Thursday 9th May 2024. 

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